Process Automation with PowerShell

Automating complex solutions requires a thought process that is different from automating a task.

An automation task might be a simple as automating a manual task to inventory all VM’s in the data center and then update a table in a database ,¬†or as complex as a script to provision and configure a new VM.

The difference between an Automation Script and Automating a process is that a script usually automates a task, while a complex automation process usually requires developing a workflow of tasks and processes that are woven together.

  • To automate a task, you write a script.
  • To automate a process, you need to develop an automation work flow of tasks.


You can write a script to automate building or configuring a server, but that is automating a task.

The difference is that if you want to make the provisioning of servers automatic, then you need to develop an automation workflow, that is a complex series of automated tasks that are woven together to work as one process.

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